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building quality homes since 1990

Cervelle Homes was founded in 1990 and has since built over 3000 homes in the southeast Houston area. Our guiding principals have been to give small company attention to our customers while building enough homes in each location to realize economies of scale and production line efficiencies. We now build from 150 to 200 homes each year, and intend to remain at that size in the future.

Our product has evolved to our present program of larger lots, all detached garages, with an emphasis on larger one-story homes. We are able to offer many changes to individualize the homes, and have developed an array of garage designs, including overhead storage and porte cocheres. We have a wide range of selections for such standard items as flooring, cabinets, counter tops, and brick.

Our pricing procedures are aimed at making the purchasing and upgrading decisions as easy as possible. Our list base price is our final price. You don't have to worry about being a great negotiator to get the best price. Our options and upgrades are priced at reasonable rates, so that we are not interested in promoting them to make a profit. We feel that our homes, with standard features, provide everything you would expect in a finished home. The changes and upgrades simply reflect the fact that people's needs and wants will vary, and we try to accommodate them as smoothly as we can while still retaining production efficiencies.

Many of our customers currently have a home to sell. We recognize the problems that go along with selling a home without knowing where you are going to move, and the timing involved. At Cervelle Homes, we will contract with you to build the home of your choice with an earnest money deposit of $500.

If your home is not sold by the time your new home is at finishing stage, your earnest money will be refunded. Our experience is that this rarely happens. Even if it does, we have not had much problem selling the completed homes to people who don't have the time to wait for one to be built.

The president and owner of Cervelle Homes is Jeff Payson. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering, designs all of the homes, and has been building homes for over 45 years. Companies he has been in charge of have built over 80,000 homes under his direction. The superintendents and sales people have extensive experience in the building industry and long tenure with Cervelle Homes. Most of the contractors and suppliers have been associated with the company since it's inception.

Our goal is to be the best homebuilder in our marketplace. We believe that means to deliver the best quality, most size, and most useable features, for the least amount of money. It also means that we stand behind our product. By doing this over the years, we spend almost nothing on advertising because a large proportion of our sales come from word of mouth. This results in significant savings to our customers. The homes are designed from experience of building over the years to eliminated waste and service problems. There is not a large overhead expense which would be required to operate a large corporation. Labor and material costs are controlled due to experienced supervision, long contractor and supplier relationships, working to keep everyone busy over the years, despite market conditions, and being of a size that most volume discounts and the benefits of paying on time can be realized.

We will continue to work at improving our product and the policies and procedures needed to make the process as smooth as possible for us and our customers. If you give us the chance to build your home, we will work to make it as pleasurable and economical as possible.

Tax Rate  2.18

  No MUD Tax